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Vibration stimulation by Red Code Stimula provides a novel and more effective approach.

  • Red code can be fixed with one touch and dramatically improved red code function
  • Innovative “approach to nerve-muscle function” by stimulation to more unique receptors by red code + vibration stimulation
  • Vibration stimulation realizes a wide variety of approaches by combining five different frequencies and four levels of intensity
  • Hands-free approach possible with fitting switch
  • Provided “frequency band”, “sustainability”, “reproducibility” that was impossible for human “hands”

Red Code Stimula provides an optimal environment for conditioning such as neck, shoulders, waist, hip joints.

“New Luck (Neural Reaction) and Vibrating Stimulator Stimula”

In order to carry out various operations in everyday life,efferent motor output from the afferent sensory input and central headed again to the specific receptors from the specific receptors present, such as in muscles and joints, in a week the number of nervous system It needs to be properly integrated. By properly controlling inputs and outputs from proprioceptive receptors, the body can perform its actions without destabilizing the balance even in an unstable environment.

All approach to enhance muscle function has been positioned as a “New rack” – this nerve in the red code. It stimulates the sense of intrinsic demand in instable fixing of the slow ring rope. Moreover, by applying vibration to the rope manually, many unique receptors can be stimulated.

“Vibration stimulation device Sutimyura” by giving the optimal vibration stimulus that can not be a manipulative in red code, to stimulate more of specific receptors, enabling the approach to a variety of motor dysfunction.

Approach to the footApproach to cervical spineInstallation example at red code workstation

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