Hệ thống bàn thủy lực di chuyển bệnh nhân ở các tư thế: đứng-nghiêng-nằm (Tilt Table) New! ARIST04

Mô tả sản phẩm

Model: ARIST04

Hãng nước sản xuất: Wesseling-BV, Hà Lan

The Praxis 4 Comfort Elite has a special integrated tray system and therefor a unique table. Both drawers are made of steel and fitted with sturdy drawer slides. The two-way slides of German origin are of very high quality and ensure that the drawers will work for years without any problems.

Where usually have to be chosen between the drawers on the left or right side, is nog longer necessary with this new model. The drawers can be opened to each side to allow access from both sides of the table. Under the back section is the large tray of 56x51cm. The small tray is located at the front and has a stainless steel container where used equipment or disposables can be deposited. This stainless steel container can be taken out.

Because of the well-balanced upholstery the patient is always comfortably on the table whether it sits or lies. Even in sitting position the feet will not hang over but are well supported.

This line is characterized by a huge range of 60 – 130cm and thereby a standard lifting capacity of 200kg. With the round legs and thicker profiles the table not only looks beautiful, but it is also very strong and stable.

Product specifications:

  • Backsection devided in two section for even more comfort
  • Very stable, also has adjustable feet
  • Height adjustable from 60-130cm
  • Standard lifting capacity 200kg
  • Flat uphosltery with rounded corners
  • Various widths possible.
  • Thick, comfortable padding of 50mm
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Electric height adjustment by hand or foot switch
  • Hydraulic height adjustment by footpedals
  • Equipped with wheels and with a central brakingssystem to move table
  • Various options available

This table is upholstered seamless. That means that there no seamed edges to be found which makes the cleaning process more easy. The upholstery may be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap. For heavier pollution one can use another diluted detergent or cleanser. We advise not to use alcohol and bleach.

There are more than 170 colors and 5 types of artificial leather available. For specifications and various properties. Here you can make a choice and then see an example. If you have any questions regarding the colors, features or cleaning you can contact us at any time.

Product Features

Standard Optional
Name Praxis 4 Comfort
Product code PRAX4CEE
Lifting capacity (kg) 200 250
Safe working load (kg) 250 300
Height Adjustment electric(cm) 60 – 130
Height Adjustment hydraulic(cm) 72 – 116
Duration height adjustment (sec) 40 21/27
Adjustable sections 3
Head section (in °) 0 to +80
Back section (in °) 0 to +85
Feet section (in °) -85 to +35
Braking system central
Castors (Ø in mm) 75
Length (cm) 196
Width (cm) 64 70/80
Thickness upholstery (mm) 50 70

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