Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) Care Ergometer Cogny Bikes

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Ergometer aimed at mild cognitive impairment (MCI) care born in collaboration with National Center for Longevity Research Center

The number of domestic dementia patients in 2012 is 4.62 million, estimated to exceed 7 million in 2025, dementia related costs in 2014 is estimated to be about 14.5 trillion yen in 2014.
Interrija has collaborated with a group of Professor Hiroyuki Shimada of the Department of Preventive Gerontological Research at the National Center for Longevity Research Center and has been developing ergometer (Cogny bike) based on the concept of Cogny size (described later) It was.

* We are receiving cooperation from Genelas Co., Ltd. in developing this product.

Use the brain while exercising.
Effective cognitive training ※ patent pending in the dual task method

  • Cognitive exercise test
  • Cognitive training
  • Training prescription from cognitive exercise test result
  • Longevity cognitive test (elderly functional examination) result prescription from training input prescription
  • Automatic load setting formula based on correct answer rate and correct answer time
  • 6 categories of training menu
  • Four levels of elementary, intermediate, advanced, and master class
  • Three kinds of load / rotation number / PC task dual task method
  • Various internet entertainment exercises by dedicated website


  • Ergometer in cooperative development with National Center for Longevity Research
  • A new dual task type ergometer based on the Cogny-size approach
  • Combining the advantages of upright type and recumbent type,
    Hybrid ergometer that maximizes fall risk

DESIGNdesign pending

  • Hybrid type of ergonomic upright and recumbent
  • Smooth transfer up to 140 ~ 200 cm tall

Cogny bike PV

Cognitive function test ~ Training flow PV

What is Cogny size

Cogny size is a coined term expressing the collective name of efforts aimed at prevention of dementia, which is a combination of exercise and cognitive tasks (calculation, shiritori etc.) developed by the National Institute of Longevity Sciences.
We combine cognition (cognition) and exercise (exercise) in English and it is called cognicise (cognis size).
We advocate the necessity of incorporating exercise into prevention of dementia.
Cognition is cognitive tasks such as cognitive loading on the brain, Exercise applies to various exercise tasks.Depending on the type of exercise, there are various similar words such as Cogni Step, Cognizance, Cogni Walking, Cogny Bikes.
Cogny size is a generic term including these.

※ Cogny size is a registered trademark of the National Institute of Longevity Research. (Registration 5733131)

Reporting record

Body specification

Constance power (load × rotation rate work constant) Saddle automatic adjustment formula from fingerprint authentication (ID authentication)
Constance resistance (constant load) Speaker & Fan & Heart Rate Monitor
Isokinetic (constant number of revolutions · load changed) Narration system
Low load = 5 to 550 w (Constance resistance) Heart rate control function (optional)
Symmetry = Evaluate left and right rotation torque data (option) Both normal and reverse rotation type
PC control & 22 inch touch screen Size (L) 1810 × (W) 660 × (H) 1400 – 1600
Weight 135 kg
Power supply AC 100 V 15 A


Adjustable crank pedal Adjustable crank pedal It is for people with limited range of joint motion.
Different movable ranges can be set on the left and right sides.
Model number: MA900 / MA901
Fingerprint authentication sensor Login with fingerprint authentication becomes possible.
Even if you forget your password, you can load the setting with a single fingerprint.
Model number: SREX – FSU 2 – T
List type heart rate monitor List type heart rate monitor (with special software) You can take a heartbeat without having to grasp the railings at the bottom of the screen.
Reduce measurement error and time lag during training.
Model number: MIO Alpha 2 – COGNI
Chest type heart rate monitor Chest type heart rate monitor (with special software) It is possible to take a more accurate heart rate than list type.
Model number: POLAR (Polar) Bluetooth smart H7

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